Back after saying goodbye due to a disastrous operation: “When I hear the car people complaining…”

"When I hear the car people complaining..."


Last May everything went wrong. After several injuries and even suffering a run-over, Diego Rubio (Navaluenga, 1991) crashed in the Tour of Estonia. They ended up operating on his arm there in an intervention that, months later, became his worst nightmare.

“There was no way to take it. It was negligence that destroyed my life. After that, the doctor who took my case in Spain took a big hit. Now they may have to operate on me for the third time, but the only thing I think about is to have a normal life again,” he told Every Day Winning Tips last February.

He went from doctor to doctor until, finally, he decided to hang up his bike. Now, I have found a place in LaVuelta. “I’m assimilating it by going to several races. Coming here is like coming home. I’m fine. I’ve assimilated everything, I have to turn the page. I’m enjoying cycling in a different way. I’ve recovered the arm as far as I can and it allows me to have a normal life, that’s the important thing. At the moment, I only do sports on my own because I was discharged. Now I swim instead of riding a bike,” he said on the morning of this Thursday to Every Day Winning Tips with the official polo of the Spanish round.

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In the third major of the course, he works as a driver. “I’m with the guest van carrying several VIPs. I can’t say much either, but there have been important people like a man who was on the Barça board. I’m taking people from the agency,” he proudly summarizes.

LaVuelta: Looking at the future

While LaVuelta continues, he has time to go see his former teammates from Burgos BH: “They are having a good race, fighting. They have been present on the run. Let’s see if there is any luck and they finally get a victory.” Of course, it is easier for him to go by car than by bike.

“When I hear people in cars complain… It’s not like that. You suffer a lot more on the bike,” he confirms with amusement. Before he worked for leaders, now his mission is to guide VIPs. The cycling family, thanks to LaVuelta, will continue to enjoy Rubio’s smile.