Evan Ferguson, Brighton’s Irish Haaland: “He can be one of the great scorers in Europe”


Young and unknown footballers enter the Brighton factory and emerge, after being molded on the grass of the Amex Stadium, turned into stars. They produce them in series with different molds. And from the last one has come Evan Ferguson (Bettystown, Republic of Ireland, 2004) who opposes being one of the next great ‘9’ of the Premier League.

He moves naturally in the area, sniffs out opportunities and is in the right place. He’s an incredible finisher… but he also excels at the ugly side of the game. It is the first line of defense.

James Milner, Brighton player

” He scored three goals and played very well. But it’s not just the goals. He played 90 minutes for the team with and without the ball. He understood the correct positions very well in the first half and also played with Joao Pedro,” summarized Roberto De Zerbi after the victory (3-1) against Newcastle in which Ferguson scored a hat-trick. The first of his career in the Premier, becoming the fourth player to do so aged 18 or younger after Bart-Williams, Fowler, and Owen (three times). A success after a summer in which offensive competition has arrived (Ansu Fati, Joao Pedro…) but in which the Irish striker has taken a step forward.

At 14 years old he played in Ireland

“He is a special footballer. His improvement is important and he is working to complete his qualities. He can become a very top player, one of the top scorers in Europe,” said De Zerbi about a ‘9’ who made his debut at the age of 14 in the Bohemians from his country before arriving at a Brighton team that beat Liverpool to his signing. And if last season he ‘exploded’, scoring 10 goals in 25 games (six in 19 Premier games), this season he has four in four games in the English League. Only Owen (28), Rooney (15), and Jeffers (12) scored more goals in the Premier before turning 19 than him (10). In football, they already see him at the top.

“I see things about Haaland in him. His movements, his height, his youth… Things like that,” said former player Gary Lineker, raising the hype. His size (1.88 meters) gives him a great presence in the area and high up… but he is not without quality with his feet. “He is a humble boy and works hard every day. That is not going to change. He is young and has a lot of potential. What he is doing in the Premier is incredible. He is unique for his power, strength, ability to finish… He has things to improve like partnership, but he is learning and can reach the highest level,” highlighted Captain Lewis Dunk.

” He scores in every training session. He is a born goalscorer. He finishes in an incredible way. He has everything. He can shoot with his left, with his right… He is strong, and fast, and he holds the ball well… He is very young and will improve every day with De Zerbi”, highlighted Pascal Gross. “He moves naturally in the box, sniffs out chances, and is in the right place. He is an incredible finisher… but he also excels in the ugly side of the game. He is the first line of defense. He has no ceiling “James Milner confessed.

I see things from Haaland in Ferguson. His movements, his height, his youth…

Gary Lineker, former player

Only Haaland (six goals) surpasses his four goals in this Premier League from an attacker who will not be with Ireland during the break due to injury but who is heading to the top. Without Kane, Ferguson aspires to be the next great British football scorer. And Brighton’s next big sale.