IFK Göteborg has risen – Jens Askou speaks out


IFK Göteborg has risen since Jens Askou joined the club. Now he is speaking out about developments since last summer.

In early June, Jens Berthel Askou took over IFK Göteborg. At that time, the club found itself in fourteenth place in the table.

In recent weeks, the team has played itself up. In the last four games, they have taken ten points, which means that at the time of writing the club is on safe ground.

Now Askou is speaking out about recent developments.


“We’ve done a lot of things. Firstly, we have worked a lot with culture and identity. We have moved a lot there, and we have made some sharp decisions and set some standards in everyday life, he says to bold.dk and continues:


“Among other things, it has been in relation to making some demands on someone. For example, it has been in relation to some of the relatively new players that have been brought in where we have had to admit that they may not fit in in the way we want to do in the future and then we have helped them further.

Askou also admits that he felt some pressure when the results went against him.

You feel it especially on match days.

“You can’t help but feel that when you land at such a big club with so much attention. You feel it especially on match days, but you also experience it in everyday life,” he says.

IFK Göteborg has also signed players such as Arbnor Mucolli, Thomas Santos and Astrit Selmani during the summer.