Manchester United acknowledges the “accusations made” against Antony

The 'red devils' admit that the Police are investigating the footballer


The ‘Antony case’ looks worse and worse. The Brazilian winger of Manchester United has two complaints against him made by Gabriela Cavallin, one in the hands of the Manchester Police and the other in the Sao Paulo Police.

His ex-partner accuses him of “threats, intimidation, and physical attacks.  A complaint that, accompanied by the evidence provided by the UOL portal, caused Antony to be removed from the Brazilian team.

The last to take a position and give veracity to the complaints presented has been his own club: “Manchester United recognizes the accusations made against Antony and admits that the Police are carrying out investigations.”

“As a club, we are taking this matter seriously, taking into account the impact that these accusations and subsequent reports will have on victims of any type of abuse,” says the official statement from the ‘Red Devils’.

As a club, we are taking this matter seriously

Official statement from Manchester United

“Pending more information, the club will not make any further comments,” Manchester United’s statement concludes.