Männel jokes about Schalke: “Don’t talk about details in front of the camera”

Erzgebirge Aue suffered a 1-2 defeat in the Saxon duel – “deserved due to the first half”, as coach Pavel Dotchev stated afterwards. Dresden was “superior”, one point was “perhaps too much”. You could see “that we’re not a top team,” Dotchev said. But: “My team put up a great fight.”

His criticisms: “We weren’t consistent enough in the final third, too naïve. That’s our shortcoming in general,” he said at Magenta Sport and at the press conference. In addition, the standards were not good. “The balls were too high, not sharp, not precise – we definitely have to step up our game.”


Asked about the lack of conviction in attack, goalkeeper Martin Männel agreed: “We didn’t really get into the game in the opponent’s half, that’s right.” Later, Aue became more courageous, “then we dared to play this lateral shift, which the Dresdeners had big problems with. That’s where we wanted to go, but it took too long to get there,” Männel analyzed.

Nevertheless, he did not want to blame his team. “The squad gave everything until the end. That’s why we don’t need to talk about details in front of the camera now. We’ve also heard in the last few days that it can be expensive within the club,” laughed Männel, referring to the case of Timo Baumgartl. The Schalke player was punished with a fine and temporary transfer to the U23s after his public criticism.


Männel is happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with the fans

All in all, Männel was satisfied with the start of the season and the support of the numerous fans who travelled to Dresden: “We have a completely different mood than last season. It’s a testament to the fact that we’ve managed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the fans again. But also, for the fact that we deliver honest work. Our fans don’t want to see much more,” said Männel.


Stefaniak booed

Marvin Stefaniak had to endure whistles – not from his own fans, but from the Dynamo supporters. Background: Months ago, the former Dresden player had accused Dynamo of lacking appreciation when it came to his move to Wolfsburg and the hefty transfer fee for SGD.

“I made my statement about it at the time,” the 28-year-old told MDR. “I can’t understand it. It’s the way it is, but it makes me hot, and I’m still performing well,” said Stefaniak (kicker grade 4.0), smiling away the topic.