The PZPN spokesman spoke about Zieliński. “Nonsense”

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After sport pl information that Piotr Zieliński did not finish the training session, there were concerns about a potential injury. WP Sport oweFakty contacted PZPN spokesman Jakub Kwiatkowski, who explained the whole matter.

Tuesday was the first day of the Polish national team’s training camp, in which a whole group of players called up by Fernando Santos appeared at training. However, not all players managed to finish it.Piotr Zieliński ended the training session prematurely, as reported by This caused a lot of anxiety, because it was feared that the reason for this state of affairs was a potential injury.

In this case, WP SportoweFakty contacted PZPN spokesman Jakub Kwiatkowski. He was ready for the question about Zieliński and immediately explained the whole matter related to him.

– Nonsense, sucked information from the finger. Someone reported them or they were peeping somewhere. In fact, “Zielu” finished training earlier, but not 30 minutes before, but a couple. It’s just that the pitch is quite soft, and that puts a strain on you. If the player feels that he is tired of it, there is nothing to risk, he finishes the training faster prophylactically – Kwiatkowski told us.

– There is no injury. He won’t have any tests because he just doesn’t have to. He is at full strength,” he added.

Thus, Zieliński’s performance in the Euro 2024 qualifying match with the Faroe Islands national team is not threatened at the moment. We also know what the health condition of other staff members looks like.

– The whole group is at the disposal of the selector. Everyone is ready for the match – said the PZPN spokesman.

The meeting between Poland and Faroe Islands will take place on Thursday, September 7. Kick-off is at 20:45. Three days later, the White and Reds will face Albania away at the same time.