Transfer News: Raúl and Real Madrid are considering the call from Villarreal

Transfer News: Raúl and Real Madrid are considering the call from Villarreal


Raúl González meditates on the offer that Villarreal has made him to become Quique Setién ‘s replacement. Once the coach and his entourage have conveyed the proposal to the Real Madrid leaders, the coach has the green light to accept the proposal and, in this way, become the first coach of the yellow team.

The coach is seduced by the idea and the project that Villarreal offers him, nothing to do with other proposals he has had during the past months of July and August and others received previously. Eintracht, Schalke 04, Espanyol, and Leeds are some of the teams that have been interested in his situation, but he always put the Real Madrid project ahead of the calls received, so much so that some of them were not even conveyed to the Madrid forward leaders.

Villarreal’s challenge seduces Raul or at least has made him doubt, something that has not always happened when he has been called by third teams. It is not a simple locker room, something that can be confirmed by Quique Setién, a coach who could not handle veteran players with a lot of weight within the group.

Raúl and Real Madrid are considering Villarreal’s offer

Raul has never hidden that he would like to coach the Real Madrid first team. It is his house and he is happy in it. The club’s confidence was confirmed once again when last summer the leaders decided to continue leading Castilla, a project that involves more training than sporting successes, the one they were about to achieve against Eldense.

The option of becoming Real Madrid’s first coach is in the air, but nothing or no one guarantees it. Football, the results, the timing of the teams… everything influences changes at any time, which is why it is very difficult to guess what may happen next season on the bench of the white club or any other. So much so that, as he has been informing MARCA, Ancelotti has no signed commitment to Brazil and does not close the doors to continue at Real Madrid.

The relationship between the Italian coach and Raúl is excellent. They work as a team and Ancelotti has no problem asking and consulting everything that happens with Castilla and even in some decisions for the first team.